The convergence …

A reminder …

From Sister Margaret Guider of the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, in her poem she sent to National Public Radio (NPR) published yesterday:

“The convergence of these sacred days should serve as
a collective reminder, that the prophetic heritage of
our respective faith traditions, whether adhered to or not
in the ways of our ancestors, continues to permeate the air
which the human family breathes, of freedom, love and peace,
the life-giving breath of the Holy One.

Yet many of us, throughout the year, breathe through our mouths, while holding our noses. In doing so, we defend ourselves
from the suffocating air of bondage, hatred and violence that
surrounds us. However, in doing so, we also close ourselves off from any opportunity of smelling the scents of justice, hope and compassion that also arouse conscience, giving rise to courage, and resiliency.

Perhaps these holy days will provide us with an opportunity to open ourselves to be moved – Christians, East and West, Muslims, Shia and Sunni, and Jews, Orthodox and Reformed, to breathe in the scents of the sacred – of freedom, love and peace, that we are called to breathe out – Not only on special days,
But every day.”

The sentiments expressed in this poem resonated with me, particularly at this time, which is why I am sharing them with you.

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